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Every project begins with a conversation and site inspection. One of our experienced estimators will look at the project site conditions and then offer a tailor made solution to best achieve the vision of the property owner. Once a proposal is generated, revised, and agreed upon, Dock & Marine and its engineers will partner with the owner to develop an initial set of plans. Plans and applications will then be sent to the various agencies, revisions made, until final plans are approved and permits are issued. At that point materials are ordered, crews are scheduled, and the fun part begins. One of our five barge and crane crews arrive by water and do the heavy work. Soon after land crews show up to complete carpentry and any additional concrete work. All throughout the process various inspections take place to make sure everything is in compliance. Once the build is complete, final inspections and closure of the permit takes place. Dock and Marine holds the bond for all of our projects, so the responsibility to complete projects correctly and on time is always on our shoulders. Most of our customers are long term, so we are always available to take care of any needs that should arise for years down the road. 

Well, frankly it depends, but there are some general guidelines. Permitting in Dade County is very involved due to the complex nature of our waterways and Biscayne Bay. Many agencies have overlapping responsibilities for the issuance of permits which can take time. For example, if an owner wants to build a new seawall and dock, it is a safe bet permitting could take 9-12 months. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower. Permitting is the longest part of the process, and can require patience. Once the permits are in hand, the pace picks up quickly towards construction. The short answer is it will take time to get a project underway. So, if you are concerned about the possibility of property damage or loss, it’s best to get started as soon as possible.

Dock & Marine has a vast amount of experience and services. Please scroll down to see our list of services.

Marine Construction is a tough business that requires specialized equipment and a deep understanding of building techniques and regulations required to meet or exceed the requirements of customers and governing agencies. At minimum, a Marine Contractor should own and operate their own equipment. Be wary of contractors who sub out their barge and crane work. If something goes wrong on a project, subcontractors often cut their losses, leaving the homeowner with an unfinished project and additional headaches. Make sure the Contractor has a valid Marine Contractor license, not a license for some other form of contracting. Confirm they are fully insured to operate in Dade County, specifically. Last, ask who holds the bond for the project. Many contractors want the homeowner to hold the bond for the project, leaving the homeowner ultimately responsible for the project being completed on time and according to building code. 

Not all proposals are created equal, and unfortunately this means some companies create proposals that are purposefully vague, lack key information, or leave homeowners wide open for a flood of expensive change orders. Dock & Marine has been serving Dade County since 1959. We have worked in every major area of the County for years. Why does that matter? Our experience shows in our proposals. We know ahead of time what the conditions will require at your build site. We know which governing agencies will want specific criteria met. We select the right materials and techniques to use for each individual project. That means no change orders or unexpected fees. Our proposals are all inclusive of the cost of the project. No surprises during the process. And no heartbreak from a poorly built project down the road.

But not everyone follows the same rules. We encourage customers to send us competitors proposals to evaluate. We often find it isn’t an apples to apples comparison.

There are many options available to our customers. Head over to our Materials & Options page to see some of our choices, or give us a call to discuss.



Concrete Seawall Replacement

Steel Sheet Pile Seawall

Batter & Cap Repair

Concrete Maintenance

Coral Rock Seawall Maintenance

Rip Rap Bag Seawall Footers

Steel Sheet Pile and Concrete Seawall Footer

Coral Rock Boulder Placement


New Dock Construction 

Dock Repair


Wood and Concrete Pile Replacement

Many durable marine grade decking options



Certified installer full line of IMM Quality Boatlifts

4-post Boatlifts

Elevator Boatlifts

PWC Lifts

Large Vessel Yacht Boatlifts

EZ Dock and Jet Dock Floating Docks

Custom Aluminum Frame Floating Docks

AccuDock & GatorDock Installer


Large scale Industrial projects (Ask about our FPL work)

Derelict Vessel Removal 

Marina Construction



Seagrass Restoration

Debris Removal

Artificial Reef Installation

Installation of Water Quality & Waste Removal Systems



Permitting & Plans (New Construction Projects Only)

Home Buyer Inspections & Reports

Floating Dock Rentals

Special Events Planning


Tree Placement

Channel Marker

Derelict Vessel Removal

Pool Pilings

Ladders and other options



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